We provide Residential and Commercial electrical testing and maintenance services that are risk-free and compliant. This also includes servicing and repair of electrical systems needed to keep your building heated and ensure you have hot water.

Our skilled electricians frequently install new outlets, lights, and switches as well as complete repairs and replacements into commercial and domestic buildings. We can also help with electric motors, including extract and supply fan servicing.

  • Other services

  • Gas Heating

    We cover all aspects of commercial and home boilers are covered, including installation and repair services, as well as pipework and controls.

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  • Plumbing

    We cover all areas of commercial and residential pipework and plumbing are covered, such as steel pipework, gas heating, air welding, and screwing.

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  • Catering

    We cover all areas of catering equipment installation and servicing from new catering equipment to reconditioned equipment, including emergency call-outs.

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